Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Old School Heroes" By Fab Ciraolo

I found this collection while blogging on my other blog the other day, and I thought it would be perfect to post on here because of how cool I thought it was.
So basically some popular Hanna Barbara or well known 80's- 90's cartoon characters were remade (along with the one care bears picture) in a modern look, as if the artist were trying to show, "hey this is what our 90's heroes have been doing all this time". I thought it was cool because im into retro stuff, plus embarrassingly enough my childhood was filled with playing with those old he-man action figures or watching thundercats & space ghost (along with "space ghost coast to coast") like a nerd.

Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo has drawn out "Rainbow Brite", "Masters Of the Universe Characters", "Thundercats", "Birdman", "Space Ghost" with a hipster-like outer space background.
LOLOL Lion-O is lookin' pretty fly with that plaid coat on.

Link to more of these: http://buzzaurus.com/?p=7738