Thursday, August 25, 2011

9. University of Illinois Online; Chicago Campus

The University Of Illinois Online For Chicago (or just plain UIC) is my first choice because I plan to move to Chicago after high school, get a steady small job and online college is perfect for that. PLUS I dont have to get dressed or anything and campuses/classrooms just arent for me. But maybe i'm just a Mr. lazy bones.
To apply you would have to apply through the "office of admissions" either online or on paper, once admitted you have to enter the campus through the "Web for student system" to register classes.
Some requirements include software installments. This from the website states: 
"All U of I Online courses and programs are delivered mostly or completely over the Internet. Thus, in order to participate, at minimum you must have regular access to a computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. In addition, some courses and programs have rather specific hardware, software, and skills requirements. Our online catalog provides more information about the technical requirements for specific U of I Online courses and programs."

The Entire Catalog on their website includes finanical aid, courses, programs etc. here:
I don't exactly plan on enrolling in any art schools, I might take art courses but an art career just doesnt exactly interest me, I'll just start with a few courses that I choose and then I'll go from there, but i'd rather keep art as a hobby or something I have in life that I find fun. 


  1. You are a mr.lazy bones!!! But that's cool. Why do you want to move to chicago? Cool stuff on finanicial aid and taking web classes.

  2. WHELP, It's mainly because I love the diversity there, the entire vibe and feel of chicago is what attracts me to go there. Like you ever been somewhere where you just feel like you belong? well its kinda like that.