Thursday, September 15, 2011

# 1 Bert Christensen's Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection

Im honestly not sure what the name of this piece is, but i've known about it for quite some time and its something I haven't really forgotten. Why? I don't really know, maybe I just like strange ideas like this one. I found it awhile back on a website called "weird, strange and just plain bad art". I don't think its considered "bad art" maybe weird but no art is truly "bad art" it depends on the opinions of the audience.

I like this one though not only because of my thing for the "weird or strange" but because its creative with the use of a parsnip...I guess it adds a little humor you know? Not quite sure why its having a teddy bear or stuffed animal taken out of it but theres gotta be a story were not seeing here, its one of those artworks where only the artist really knows what it was about haha.
Link to parsnip painting:

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  1. Thanks for sharing Temy. I do not think it is "bad" either, maybe a little odd but the technique used to create this work is very excellent. I guess the critics did not like the subject matter...

    Mr. K