Saturday, September 3, 2011

2. Response to an artist: Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst; the man behind "Bright Eyes" is a musician who's work really stands out for me. His music is generally considered indie-rock, fold rock or alternative. "Bright eyes" actually started as a solo project after leaving his first band "Commander Venus". He is said to be influenced by music such as R.E.M and The Smiths.
The instrumentals have a consistently gentle, acoustic sound which matches his calm and low voice.  His song writing as an artist is just too beautiful to me, his words are deep and clear to where you can hear his emotion weather its somewhat heart wrenching to a feeling of something brighter. His outlook on life is shown in his artistic value and in his lyrics. Through words he portrays someone who is capable of open minded, emotional independence and sees the world in a more complex way.
His words are his deep thoughts, they seem as if they stem out from something experienced or something witnessed, and he manages to make you feel what he feels, as if he places the emotion into the sound and as you listen the emotion transfers inside of you. This is why his style sets him apart from other artists in his genre.

"I like to feel the burn of the audience's eyes when im whispering all my darkest secrets into the microphone"
- Conor Oberst

The main reason why his music makes me respond in such a respectful way, is because its like that saying "I couldn't have said it better myself", as if Conor has taken the words right out of my mouth in alot of his songs. Its like I listen to him and I think "this man truly gets it", that as you grow innocence disappears but if your smart you'll analyze, try your best to understand and if you decide to have an opinion make it what feels right for you.His work as an artist is perfectly put together in my opinion because of the amount of self expression. So maybe his voice isn't perfect, but its the meaning in his work that attracts the listeners.



  1. Nice post Temy. Remember every blog is due by midnight on Friday though.

    Here is a link to bright eyes set to the cartoon Watership Down.

    Mr. Kimball

  2. Hmm intresting artist, im all for harder rock though. I like the whole, "music with a message
    " though.