Sunday, September 25, 2011

#1 "Dipsticks,The Humans" and "Dipsticks, The Animals" by Nick van Woert

"Dipsticks The Humans", is just a bunch of paint figurines that represent human or life-form bodies. I couldn't find anything on how it was made, although I think the name kinda makes it go without saying that the artist dipped the base figure in paint, once or multiple times and let the paint make its own shape. The artist Nick van Woert does a lot of sculptures using paints and molded figures which a lot of them are too interesting to not look at, but I chose this collection because its not only an adorable piece, its free-form, the colors are vibrant and solid and its unique. To be honest, id love to be able to feel the texture of them, because they look seemingly smooth and bumpy to the touch and the colors make it look like a child's toy. The middle one with the peach color reminds me of those old two inch tall 90's figurines called "M.U.S.C.L.E. Men" that looked like these:

But not only has this artist made human forms, but has also made animal forms...

"Dipsticks, The Animals" are still free-form up until the feet or legs of the figurine, which help the audience make out what kind of animal it might represent.
Personally, my favorites would be the dinosaur figurine and the one that I made out to be either a black bear or a rhinoceros. The details on the dinosaur's tail are really cool and I love the deep black color and shine on the second figure.

Link to the "Dipsticks The Humans" collection:

Link to the "Dipsticks The Animals": collection:

More of Nick van Woert's artworks:

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